How to stop snoring

87768Snoring, is a problem that touch the more and more of people a longer life , is not a disease, but it can be a symptom of another disease. A cardiovascular problem or sleep apnea may be the cause of snoring that bothers you. It is therefore important to identify "sleep apnea" before taking over snoring.                    
Sleep disturbances associated with snoring are causing daytime fatigue, sleepiness and chronic headaches. Snoring is statistically associated with an increased risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and stroke. So what?
Your spouse wakes up at night thinking there's a truck in the room? Bring your friends quiess balls when they come to sleep with you? If yes, and you want to know how to stop snoring then  this article is for you.

Have an idea about what causes snoring , so you know how to stop snowing .

Snoring is caused by a relaxation of the muscles of the throat, tongue and palate during sleep. This hellish noise occurs when the inspiration during sleep, the soft tissues of the palate and uvula vibrate the passage of air.

So let's see what are the possibilities to reduce snoring.
Here are some tips to advise the buzzer:
- Avoid taking alcohol or sleeping pills before bed. Because they have the effect of relaxing the soft tissues of the throat.
- Keep weight in relation to your height. Being overweight is the most common cause of snoring.
- Sleeping on your side or stomach. Sleeping on your back is the worst solution in terms of snoring. To avoid this, you can put a tennis ball in the back of your pajamas.
- Support the head and neck. It seems that the posture of the head and neck influences the snoring.

Sometimes just a good lifestyle to eliminate snoring:
- Loss of weight if necessary.
- Avoid eating too heavy at night.
- Stop smoking. Tobacco produced inflammation of mucous membranes, nose and throat and thus a narrowing of the upper airway.
- Avoid alcohol. Alcohol relaxes the soft tissues of the throat which promotes snoring.
- Avoid sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Like alcohol they relax the throat muscles.
- Avoid sleeping on your back.

Regarding age, there is not much to do. But why not live a healthy life and try in this way to reduce this horrible snoring?
Surgical treatment may also be a solution.
It is an intervention in a single session of 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia. It can be performed in a doctor's office or clinic. This practice involves surgically removing a portion of the soft palate or uvula, or both, and use the excess tissue to expand airspace.

what else can help to know how to stop snoring ?

Laser surgery
The operation is performed under local anesthesia, not to remove a small portion of the veil and the uvula. The results are comparable to those of conventional surgery but sometimes several sessions are necessary. The post-operative pain is less intense and less prolonged.
If none of the above tips n `not help, talk to your doctor. There are a variety of medical treatments that can reduce or eliminate snoring. It is advisable to see a good ENT specialist is THE true snoring. This is the only one who can do a complete assessment (sleep recording, endoscopy of the nose and throat) and then set up the medical treatment (braces to advance the mandible, or assisted ventilation if apnea sleep) or surgery (cauterization of the soft palate, straightening of the nasal septum, tonsils and uvula if necessary). The current treatment of snoring simple (without apnea) is the radio frequency (cauterization of the veil) under local anesthesia in the office of the ENT (completely painless).
But if despite all your efforts to have a healthy lifestyle, snoring persists, you only need to test different products available on the market. There are many.
Some snorers have to undergo surgery to enlarge the space to breathe. This method is effective 2 times 3. Others use a prosthesis used to keep wide open space to breathe. They allow the lower jaw to move and disengage the tongue to allow the passage of air. Another solution are small plastic strips placed on the nose that keep the nostrils and you will not be forced to breathe through the mouth. This product is sold in pharmacies and without side effects.

Anyone who wants to reduce his snoring should consult a doctor or a specialist (an otolaryngologist or ENT) and avoid buying anti-snoring products available over the counter such as nasal sprays, lubricants oral tablets, accessories. .. before consulting the doctor.
In case of mild snoring, you will find indeed enough to make your nights calmer just by changing your lifestyle or pharmacy. But in case of loud snoring and systematic, it is better that you got to see a doctor and have tests. This may seem restrictive, but within a few days, your sleep will be very upset (if not impossible). Or worse, it can lead to snorkel during sleep that much strain the heart and this is resolved sooner, the better!
Although the Chinese regard the noise of snoring as a sign of good health, it creates for the couple (and friends), sometimes unbearable situations. To cure snoring, you need to ask a doctor about how to stop snoring and sometimes just simply delete the bad habits that may lead to snoring. If no match occurs, it is best to consult a specialist who will develop the best solution for you.


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