The 10 plants that can help you sleep

What can help you sleep


The following article has the same objective as many of those as I write, is to help people insomniacs occasional bad sleepers or those living temporarily difficult to sleep in the arms of Morpheus to find a solution their problem and help you sleep, a trick
to help them through their night. Strategies, tips, tricks, tips and lessons that I offer are general. It may well be a thing that I suggest you do not work or does not suit you, but is very effective for your neighbor. It is for each to exercise his judgment. Also, I repeat, the help I can give will never replace a consultation and diagnosis of your health care professional (doctor, pharmacist, or other). So I offer here a list of plants with the scientific literature or tradition in some cases, tend to prove that they are effective is to calm, relax, mitigate the effects of stress or act directly on sleep. In addition, before eating or start a therapy from a natural product, please check with a health professional right dosage, the right dosage, possible side effects, because that "natural" does not mean "no side effects" and finally possible interactions with your current medications, if this is the case, because some combinations do not mix.

1. The California Poppy

This plant contain a natural hypnotic and have a benefit on sleep and sleep.

2. Hawthorn

It is a flower that would help reduce anxiety and nervousness. It would have an effect after long-term intake.

3. Chamomile

Who has not heard of infusions of chamomile tea before going to bed. It allay restlessness and calm the nerves.

4. Valerian

This is a plant whose effects are best documented. It would promote sleep and reduce frequent awakenings. It would have a sedative and relaxing more balance functions.

5. The Passion

This plant is consumed mainly in the form of capsules. It would promote sleep and sleep quality. This plant is also indicated in the withdrawal of certain drugs.

6. Melissa

Consumed as a tea, it reduces agitation and is suitable for mild cases of insomnia.

7. St. John's Wort

This plant, which is also a natural antidepressant reduce agitation and have a regulatory effect on the entire nervous system.

8. The Horehound.

This plant has sedative and anxiolytic. It would be one of the most effective herbs to help anxious to get back to sleep.

9. Griffonia

This plant is also particularly effective to act directly on sleep and nervousness. It would also have antidepressant properties.

10. The Lime

Infusion, it would facilitate sleep and sleep.

what else can help you sleep , and have a good night’s sleep

A word about melatonin:

Often mentioned as one of the most effective natural products to promote sleep, and help you sleep better, the scientific literature on this subject is far from convincing. It must be remembered that it is a hormone. There is a double precaution, especially as the products on the market are not regulated, at least in Canada. In addition, only studies proving its effectiveness are about jetlag. It would appear that taking a melatonin supplement would help travelers to restore the circadian cycle.

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