The insomnia and depresion

97843HKHLKH487Sleep, the first victim of depresion

Mental health and sleep are closely linked. From a psychological problem occurs, the nights are disturbed. And this is particularly true for depression. Depressive syndrome usually causes early awakening: the person wakes very early, sometimes as early as three o'clock in the morning! She turns in his bed, pondering ideas black and usually ended up falling asleep ... when it's time to get up!

The important thing is then to identify the problem as a symptom of depresion. Because there are many who deal specifically with these sleep disorders, including using sleeping pills, without addressing the real cause, namely depression.
However, if the depression is recognized and supported, the treatment effects such as insomnia can be considered complementary.

Fatigue, a symptom of having depresion .

Fatigue is another well-known symptom of depression. It is not only physical (lack of energy, sleepiness ...) but also psychological lack of enthusiasm, low motivation at work but also in leisure ...
We also found significant relationships between depressive syndrome and fibromyalgia, a disease that results in severe fatigue, sleep disorders and pain. Some experts also point out that this could only be achieved in reality a specific form of depresion.
Seasonal depression and sleep

SAD is also known for its impact on sleep disorders. It results in fatigue in the morning, even after 12 hours of rest! The solution then passes through therapy cures, just the morning to refuel light energy. Note: we are talking increasingly of the famous Clock "light of dawn" which would just natural awakening and intense light exposure on waking. But no serious study has confirmed their interest in the winter blues.
Antidepressants and sleep

Attention also to the discontinuation of antidepressants after a depresion in some cases, sleep disorders can occur. The decision must always be made gradually. Talk to your doctor who follows you. He may refer you specifically to manage these disorders. To find time to smile and then sleep

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