The causes of insomnia

Causes of insomnia

Attention, it is not because you sleep five or six hours a night you are insomniacs: if you feel well during the day, you're just a little sleeper and you do not have to worry. Similarly, if you spend a sleepless night due to an occasional event (indigestion, strong emotion ...), you do not suffer from insomnia: a night or two of rest and lack of sleep will quickly recovered. Insomnia becomes a real problem when it is chronic and interferes with daily life. And here some causes of insomnia .

What are the causes of insomnia?

The causes of insomnia are many. Hygiene problems of life can be the cause of these difficulties falling asleep. Thus, the abuse of stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco) or eating too much or not enough in the evening may be responsible for difficulties in getting to sleep. Lack of physical activity or otherwise too intense physical activity may also be involved. Insomnia can also be associated with certain organic diseases (asthma, ulcer ...) or medication stimulants (cortisone, beta blockers ...) that disrupt sleep. It should not be forgotten just causes related to the environment: noisy room or too bright, lie down on a bad quality mattress ...

Is there other causes of insomnia ?

Insomnia can sometimes have an organic cause, such as restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea. The restless legs syndrome is common among pregnant women and people over 60 years. It results in sensations of burns, irritations, and tingling in the legs at bedtime. These sensations compel the person to get up, walk to cool the legs in the shower and prevent sleep. This syndrome is associated with periodic leg movements during the night, which may interfere with the spouse. Sleep apnea is another organic cause which causes insomnia. It is very difficult to detect and causes significant fatigue in the morning and impaired memory and concentration. These problems restless legs and sleep apnea are usually highlighted through spousal testimony.

In many cases, insomnia is actually related to psychological causes. It is often associated with a traumatic episode (surgery, childbirth ...) which, although past left a sleepless night of anguish. When the person lies, the arousal systems are activated, preventing sleep. Problems underlying depression as well as anxiety and stress are also major causes of insomnia.

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