How to get better sleep

 You often try to sleep counting LAMBS? I do not know about you but my personal experience is conclusive: this technique does not work for everyone! And it will not help you to have a natural sleep. Imagine hundreds of lambs jumping has never helped me fall asleep more easily. It is very difficult to concentrate his attention on a herd of sheep jumping over more than a few minutes. So here is how to get better sleep .

The method of slow sleep for how to get better sleep.

The first method is to recite your thoughts slowly, very slowly. Continue to explore your thoughts as you normally do in your sleep, but enter into a kind of black hole and live all temporary slowly. When a thought passes through your head, slowly repeat this thought or imagine it being displayed slowly on a whiteboard. Repeat the thought by shortening each time and increase the slow speed with each repetition.

An example:

I have to finish the project for the next week ... (slowly)

I have to finish the project ... (more slowly)

I have to finish ... (three times more slowly)

I ...

And continue until the thought goes away by itself.

When you use this technique, your brain can continue to try to sabotage thinking about other events, simply continue to apply this technique to the thoughts until sleep catches you.

The method of blackboard to know how to get better sleep

If your thoughts are in the form of images and scenes, you are a visual person. Imagine a blackboard, and imagine yourself writing every thought that comes to mind in this table. Visualize yourself then erasing the table until all traces are erased. So this can make you know how to get better sleep .

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