How to get a good night’s sleep

Insomnia, sleepless night , fatigue is part of everyday life? To discard the problems of sleep , here are some essential steps.

10 to 30% of the population suffers from insomnia and many are unable to sleep because they sleep too late!, so they can’t get a good night’s sleeping . However, sleep is essential to recover and fight against aggression and daily fatigue . Respect biological cycles, proper nutrition and gestures are essential for relaxing sleep. So if irritability, fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and memory ... settle, 1001 good actions must be applied.

A healthy lifestyle

1. To avoid the regular use of sleeping pills , and properly adjust its clock must be first and foremost a balanced diet, so you have a good night’s sleep .

    Expected to eat 2 hours before bedtime and avoid foods that are too fatty and too sweet.
    It is recommended vegetable proteins (wheat, lentils, peas ...), starchy vegetables and complete. Through the secretion of two hormones that are sleep melatonin and serotonin, sleep will be promoted.
    We finish the dinner with a glass of milk with honey, herbal tea or herbal tea with verbena, chamomile or lime. Obviously, we think the ban consumption of stimulants after 17 h. Addicted to coffee, tea and nicotine should wait until morning! So this will help too much to have a good night’s sleep .

2. To enjoy a good night’s sleep , you need sports, of course, but not at any time.

    We do not train in the evening: the coming of sleep is delayed if you practice a sport in the evening. Physical activity increases the temperature of our body and affects the quality of our sleep. Our biological clock is so wanton.
    You relax with yoga. Minutes before bedtime, a little yoga will help us find the necessary calm to dive into a deep sleep.
3.Get a good night's sleep by folowing the body

Yawning, tingling eyes, heavy eyelids, decreased attention ... It is time to go to sleep! The body sends us signals of weakness that we go to full power.

    Too early  ? No worries. We choose the time corresponding to our lifestyle. The sandman by 1h revert to 3 h.
    In the meantime, why not take a good warm bath? it will go down the body temperature and thus facilitate the coming of sleep.
    The body needs ritual to automatically start button "sleep." Before going to bed, do we think the same things we brush our teeth, hair, puts on her pajamas ...
    We let go: bedtime should be fun. The bed should be comfortable, soft and draped in colors that soothe us, and make us having a good night’s sleep

    It completely disconnects all negative thoughts that might distract us. It puts the brain off for a night without constraint.


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