The anxiety and insomnia

What is the relation between anxiety and insomnia ?

Anxiety and insomnia are still tied, each can be the cause of the other, which in turn leads to a vicious cycle that may seem impossible to break.
Studies have shown that chronic insomnia increases the chance of having anxiety disorders.
And the treatment of chronic insomnia can be a way to alleviate the feeling of anxiety, and this can show that the anxiety and insomnia are related .

what can cause anxiety and insomnia
It is agreed that chronic insomnia is characterized by difficulty sleeping or have difficulty falling asleep.
If your problem is more related to sleep, lie down in ruminant problems may prevent you from falling asleep until late at night.
While dealing with these concerns that ruminate in your mind?
If your sleep is restless with multiple awakenings and sleep duration shortened overall, try searching all the factors that affect your rest and make you have anxiety and insomnia.
You may be knowing them!
First check with a doctor to ensure that certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, pregnancy, menopause does not cause the problem.
Some medications can also negatively affect healthy sleep.

Of course I have to tell you about a very dangerous enemy to your sleep, which may be the main cause of these disorders.
The main problem is that the enemy is present in our daily life.
I'm talking about stimulants: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco ... etc..
If we take for example smoking, which increases blood pressure, increases heart rate and stimulates brain activity ... etc, with all these drawbacks I do not think you'll have a good night.
You should know that the removal or reduction of coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and all exciting is strongly recommended, because these increase the level of anxiety.

Anxiety and insomnia

what to do to stop anxiety and insomnia ?
One of the most effective ways to adjust your sleep is exercise. You will not need to jump gung-ho in a gym club or sport club. Just 20 minutes of walking each day (or only 3-4 times per week) can help you to find sleep , so you stop you anxiety and insomnia.
The best time for physical exercise, is still the end of the day.
Do not take coffee  after a certain time, if you can not sleep, you set a limit, for example: (never after 17 h).
If you have trouble in past, and you get plenty in the day, reduce your consumption.
Try doing relaxation exercises before bed.
If you've tried everything and you still can not sleep normally, consult a specialist or a specialized center to help you implement all these recommendations and improve your sleep, you should know that insomnia related to the
Anxiety does not require very sophisticated examinations.

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