What are the snoring solutions

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It advisable to consult your doctor ear nose and throat specialist or pulmonologist who will be able to make the necessary examinations to choose the right therapy, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Apnea usually causes extreme fatigue experienced during the day so let’s see some snoring solutions .

We present below the main therapeutic methods available on the market, including the mouth trays.

Such as the mouth trays and SOMNOFIT SOMNOLIS
Method of mandibular advancement

During sleep, the gutter advance the lower jaw a few millimeters. This clears the advancement language background and frees the passage of the inspired air.
This solution is known medical mandibular advancement. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies. It eliminates or greatly reduces snoring.

The American academy of sleep medicine also recommends this solution in case of mild to moderate apnea and snoring (less than 30 apneas per hour).

For more severe cases, the solution of the ventilation mask nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is generally more efficient. Generally, in case of apnea, a medical consultation is highly recommended.

Gutter mouth advance the lower jaw a few millimeters and prevents the decline of language background, clearing the air passage, which eliminates / reduces snoring or apnea.

Mask continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP or CPAP), is one of the best treatments and snoring solutions in case of severe sleep apnea

To prevent airway obstruction, air under pressure is blown into a mask applied to the nose. This positive pressure is transmitted via a small compressor, which is connected by a hose to the mask. The pressurized air expands the airways and thereby prevents the obstruction.

This technique is recognized as the most effective in cases of severe apnea.

Surgery in the treatment of snoring

In some cases , one of the snoring solutions is corrections, that it can be made to improve breathing through the nose or to correct abnormalities of the soft palate, tonsils or jaw. To do this, visit the ENT doctor or maxillofacial surgeon.


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