What are the signs of depression

Signs of depression  that do not lie

Sadness and disappointments are part of life. And it is normal to feel depressed after a serious event such as bereavement. But sometimes a real malaise settles, it seems that we will forever inconsolable. It is perhaps the signs of  depression, which only adequate treatment can overcome. So how to recognize a moment of discouragement passenger of this real disease, which can not be cured with proper treatment? Here are some examples.

"The human race is once and for all and by nature doomed to suffering and ruin’s Happy life is a contradiction in terms." This was the very dark vision of the philosopher Schopenhauer.

But if the sentences are part of life, depression, it makes life a punishment without end. How to recognize the disease?

Inconsolable sadness signs of depression

The first sign of depression is a deep sadness, a feeling that everything is wrong, everything is black and nothing positive can happen to us. But of course, we may regularly be sad life is not solely composed of joy! But the bad mood always ends up spending ... except for the depressed. It is locked in his pain. Even after a traumatic event such as bereavement of a loved one overcome his grief within six months ... except depression.

Dark thoughts in the morning, depressive symptoms?

The characteristic of this sadness is that it will also be regular. Each day follows and resembles in its blackness. Usually, it can happen to wake up sad or filled with dark thoughts in the morning. But we do not know what mood they will be in the next breakfast. While the depressed person knows that every day it inevitably rises gloomy mood.

Life slowed by depression

Another sign that does not deceive: the global slowdown. The depressed is overwhelmed by fatigue, he does not speak, he did not have the courage to do the things he did or to engage in work or relationships with his friends. It has an offset printing, as if everyone was at a different pace than he was not on the same frequency. Loss of energy and feeling of exhaustion accompanies this condition.

Memory lapses and depressive syndrome

The person who suffers from depression is also experiencing mental fatigue lack of concentration, memory problems, etc.. One has the impression that thoughts are slowed. So much so that some wonder sometimes if they do not suffer from Alzheimer's, but these "false memory lapses" while hiding real problems depression.

Decrease in desire and mood disorders

Lack of desire is an essential characteristic of depression. For example, you may feel sad or unhappy in your job, and you say "strongly next vacation", where "strongly my next job." You always have a desire in your troubles, not wanting to change air. While the depressed person will want something else even more. Wish absence that is felt also in leisure: the depressed person has no taste for activity level, it is no more fun. This neglect affects all areas of life.

Self-esteem and depression

Also signs of depression: the fact of being devalued. The person thinks it is good for nothing and has no more esteem itself. The sense of failure keeps coming back. It may even leave the professional, to touch the family life: the depressed think he does not deserve her family life, the love that others would wear is not warranted.

Comfort enough for a true depressive

Characteristic of depression is that it can not be resolved by the consolation and emotional ones. Sadness "normal" will be sensitive to the comfort of others. Depression is so strong that relatives have no control. Only treatment (medication and psychotherapy) allows the person to head out of the water, and only then it will enter a helping hand.

Signs of depression that do not lie

Fatigue and back pain, signs of depression
Depression is often accompanied by physical signs. Note mostly loss of appetite, sleep disturbances and pain (including back pain). Fatigue often felt unique in that it does not disappear after rest: you always feel tired ...
If you recognize yourself in many of the situations described, you may be suffering from depression. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor, who can make the right diagnosis and help you rediscover the joy of living ...


Near about 30 millions of Americans are suffering from depression, WHO says depression is no.4 cause of disability on this planet and by year 2020-2025, it is going to be no.2 after obesity, but it doesn't mean that Depression can't be handle, Learn early signs of depression, symptoms of depression. How to get rid of depression before it gets severe.


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