The benefits of sleep

VVVKC577YLVLSleep improves learning and memory

Studies show that people who sleep during the hours needed are much better and have a better memory and learning power than those who do not get enough sleep. Thus, the lack of sleep causes lack of memory and possibly the lack of learning. Good sleep prepares the body to accept and learn new information through a process known as "memory consolidation." Therefore, that contributes mainly to the critical importance of sleep for children and students. Most students

The anxiety in children

Anxiety in children can affect in their daily lives. It can manifest itself in various ways. The question that usually arises among parents is "how to recognize signs of anxiety in children and how to overcome them? ". Research has established some important points to answer.

The causes of anxiety in children

Anxiety in children is a feeling that can be considered normal. When he is a little

What the causes if you cannot sleep

According to a study, the adults who cannot sleep eight hours per day, that our body needs, they may die earlier. 

A group of researchers found that those who started sleeping less every night during the first part of the study were more likely to die of heart disease than those who remained seven or eight hours of sleep daily.

Sleep too much, the opposite of insomnia

LBJHI7G87VPMSleep too much

When it comes to sleep disorders, the most common complaints come from people who have trouble falling asleep and get a good quality of sleep. Not much is said about the other side of the coin. In fact some people have the opposite problem. They need too much sleep.

There are people who used to sleep up to 14 hours per night. Nevertheless feel it

The 10 main reasons for insomnia

Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you wake up frequently during the night? If so, your case is not unique. There are several reasons for insomnia that make people having sleep trouble, you may be surprised to discover some of the causes.

Why not sleeping

Why not sleeping and how to start staying asleep again

Insomnia is one of the most misunderstood disorders that many people suffer from it today. People who can go to sleep without being disturbed don’t understand the causes of insomnia the pain and they don’t appreciate the ability that they have to fall asleep easily.

There are many reasons for insomnia that are so misunderstood - a multitude of

The 10 plants that can help you sleep

What can help you sleep


The following article has the same objective as many of those as I write, is to help people insomniacs occasional bad sleepers or those living temporarily difficult to sleep in the arms of Morpheus to find a solution their problem and help you sleep, a trick

The insomnia treatment

KJHI7687GP7T87T7The insomnia treatment: a public health imperative

It is always useful to consider early treatment against insomnia. Following its severity and cause, it must be specific measures on the part of the person affected by the disease. It should be noted that today, sleep disorders are not more than a particular age, they affect the most people, young or old, men or women and even children can suffer insomnia. More than 70% of the French declared today insomniacs. Adopt any insomnia treatment?

Tips to get better sleep

Here are several tips to get better sleep

- Do not watch TV or a computer screen just before bedtime.
- Do not have too many thoughts or ideas before going to bed, write down any      important things to do, for example, to clear the mind.
- A bath or shower can help to get better sleep.
- Playing sports in the morning, it helps to get better sleep evening.
- To fall asleep easily, body temperature is lowered slightly, and brain first.

The cpap machine

JKHI8798HOINThe CPAP machine is the first choice for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

How CPAP machine works?

The CPAP machine sends air continuously into your airways through a tube and a mask. The jet of air creates enough pressure to keep the open tissue, so your airways can collapse or close.

The chronic insomnia

KNUHG76To sleep every night is a nightmare? Perhaps you suffer from chronic insomnia. Light on a problem that affects the health and quality of life of 10% of Quebecers.

Insomnia affects one in four , and one in ten are chronic insomnia in Quebec, or 700,000 people, mostly women. The problem threatens the quality of life of people who suffer, but can also have serious consequences on their health. Insomnia is on the list of health problems most frequently reported to doctors,

Sleep disorders in children

KJGHJFU67Sleep disorders are relatively common in young children and it is becoming a problem as they are repeated frequently.   When a child has a sleep disorders in children, it can be due to the child’s anxiety within the family or outside related concerns.  To help improve with the child’s sleep disorder, talk with the child, reassure and provide them a healthy lifestyle. 
 A child can experience two types of sleeping disorder: trouble sleeping and or trouble falling asleep.  Sleeping disorder in children usually leaves parents clueless

Always tired

KJI768GKGHMany people often feel tired and exhausted. Often put too little sleep behind the complaints. But if you're always tired, can also be a disease causing fatigue. Thus, for example fatigue caused by iron or vitamin deficiency. But even more serious illnesses such as cancer or depression may be the culprits. We have compiled for you the most common causes that can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue.

The insomnia symptoms

OHGU67R6FWhat are the insomnia symptoms

This may be difficulty falling asleep and / or difficulty maintaining sleep (sleep itself) so those are the common insomnia symptoms.

The consequences of insomnia can be short or medium term a bad mood, headaches, disturbances of concentration (which can lead to accidents),

Tips for good health

Important tips for good health

Staying healthy is possible with some tips for a good health. Take care of their health through a balanced diet, a good lifestyle and some physical effort. Nothing too complicated for many, it is sufficient to adopt a healthier lifestyle to maintain and stay healthy.

What are the snoring solutions

IHOUGH7G4Presentation of different snoring solutions recognized and solutions against apnea

It advisable to consult your doctor ear nose and throat specialist or pulmonologist who will be able to make the necessary examinations to choose the right therapy, especially if you suffer from sleep apnea. Apnea usually causes extreme fatigue experienced during the day so let’s see some snoring solutions .

How to beat depression

MJKBIU8Y8BMExisting technologies to help to know how to beat depression

1 - Having a balanced diet:

     focus on fatty fish which some studies have shown that they favored the renewal of brain cells and have antidepressant effects
     eat foods rich in calcium;
     eat foods rich in magnesium such as nuts;