How important is sleep

KJGHJGU76576FJSleep is essential for those who want to live healthy. We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping and the quality of the latter, directly affect our quality of life.
Quality sleep allows long-term preservation of our health, but also short-term recovery of the previous day and build enough energy for the next.
So, sleep well is a sure bet like the short term.
so how important is sleep?

The importance of sleep for health

  the importance of sleep on health is well documented and we know that an important function as:
1. Growth
2. Brain maturation
3. The development and preservation of our cognitive capacities
4. The temperature control
5. Adjusting many hormonal secretions

A lack of sleep
or poor quality sleep can have a real impact on health and the proper conduct of everyday life.

Why we have to know how important is sleep.

Lack of sleep increases the risk:

1. Sleepiness
2. Weight gain and obesity
3. Stress
4. Depression
5. Cardiovascular diseases
6. Concentration disorders
7. Diabetes etc. ...

The above list is not exhaustive and the negative effects of sleep deprivation are too numerous to be listed.
To know how important is sleep, is essential for health and good sleep is to put all the advantages on his side to preserve it.


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