Sleep too much, the opposite of insomnia

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When it comes to sleep disorders, the most common complaints come from people who have trouble falling asleep and get a good quality of sleep. Not much is said about the other side of the coin. In fact some people have the opposite problem. They need too much sleep.

There are people who used to sleep up to 14 hours per night. Nevertheless feel it
very difficult to get out of bed. Improve the quality of their sleep is absolutely necessary and urgent to reduce the length of this one. Removing some bad habits, patients sleep less while feeling much more lively and energetic throughout the day.

However, improving the quality of their sleep is only part of the process. If you sleep too much and have trouble being productive during the day, it is not only because of some bad sleep habits.

As you know, when you wake up you do not have full control over your thoughts and your actions. At this point, your subconscious is still dominant. Maybe you have problems buried deep in your subconscious, and without knowing you do not want to get up.

Hypersomnia can obviously cause problems. Such as being late for work or just lose your "time. People who sleep too much are paradoxically tired all day.

What to do to stop sleep too much

Must start with good habits, going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. No matter if you're going bed late, no matter what time you go to work or if you have a day off.

Persevere for at least 3 weeks (usually takes 21 days to create a new habit).

If nothing changes really and you keep sleep too much, if you cannot find the cause of your hypersomnia, evaluate with your doctor.


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