How to overcome insomnia

How to overcome insomnia: ten tips to overcome insomnia

To find a satisfactory sleep, it is important to develop good sleep habits. Applied in their entirety and consistently, and for a sufficiently long time (several weeks) these strategies are very effective.

1 - at least one hour before bedtime to unwind

This period should not be overloaded with activities (physical or mental) too intense to allow a transition to the stimulation level of the day. This precaution also allows the state to feel drowsy, sleep is a gradual process. Therefore, do not study, problem solving, discussions too emotional ...

2 - go to bed only when you feel sleepy

It is important to distinguish fatigue (subjective feeling of exhaustion does not necessarily causing sleepiness) sleepiness (tendency to fall asleep, characterized by itchy eyes, yawning, heavy eyelids). Promotes greater sleepiness fall asleep quickly thereby avoid spending too much time in bed awake before falling asleep.

3 - if you can not fall asleep within 30 minutes, get out of your bed.

Leave your bedroom and practice a relaxing activity (read a magazine, listen to soft music) promoting the return of drowsiness. Avoid the study, video games, cleaning the trap ... or sleep on the couch. Return to bed when drowsy will again feel. If you are concerned worry, put them in writing. Staying awake in bed and try to sleep can increase your frustration and creating performance anxiety.

4 - Have a fairly regular sunrise

ideally, adopt a schedule that is as constant as possible (the week and weekends) do not adjust your sunrise depending on the number of hours asleep: in the long run, this has the effect of disturbing your clock biological.

5 - Book your bed and bedroom only for sleep

compliance with this advice helps build a strong association between the bed and the bedroom and sleep. Ideally, your desk study should be outside your room (especially not study, read, watch TV in bed), whether day or night.

6 - Adjust the number of hours spent in bed to the number of hours of sleep

Insomniacs have a natural reflex to spend an inordinate amount of time in bed, often in order to successfully fall asleep at the desired time and achieve adequate sleep time. This usually leads to a fragmentation of sleep (interruption).

7 - Do not nap during the day.

While a nap may be beneficial to recover, it helps reduce drowsiness at bedtime and the amount of sleep the night suivante.les day naps finally taken after 15 h) interfere with sleep benefit because they consist of deeper sleep (nap should not exceed 1 hour)

8 - Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Several factors can affect the quality of sleep, including taking nervous system stimulants caffeine and its derivatives (chocolate..) Should be avoided four to six hours before bedtime, as well as nicotine.
Do not overload your stomach before bedtime, although it is preferable not to bed hungry. Promote dairy products, cereals and avoid fatty foods
The ideal time for physical activity to achieve a beneficial effect on sleep is the end of the afternoon

9 - Make sure a minimum of comfort.

Just like a proper learning environment promotes concentration, some care must be taken in the bedroom that it is conducive to sleep. The temperature of the room should be tempered. It may be useful to have recourse to music or a fan to cover background noise.

10 - Limit the use of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are effective in the short term, but gradually lose their effectiveness in the case of continuous use. If necessary, occasional use can better retain their effectiveness
Products available without prescription have little impact on sleep.


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