Sleep disorders in children

KJGHJFU67Sleep disorders are relatively common in young children and it is becoming a problem as they are repeated frequently.   When a child has a sleep disorders in children, it can be due to the child’s anxiety within the family or outside related concerns.  To help improve with the child’s sleep disorder, talk with the child, reassure and provide them a healthy lifestyle. 
 A child can experience two types of sleeping disorder: trouble sleeping and or trouble falling asleep.  Sleeping disorder in children usually leaves parents clueless
as to why their child is experiencing sleeping disorder.  Studies have shown that children who experience sleeping disorder will also continue to have the sleeping disorder in their adulthood.  As each person is different, a child or an adult may need up to 8+ or 8- hours a day to function correctly.  Furthermore, people’s sleeping conditions are also very different.  Some people or children may need total darkness and quietness to be able to sleep; while others can sleep perfectly in a loud and lighted room and environment. 

How to exhibit sleep disorders in children?

Sleep disorders can take very different forms.  An infant may wake up at night because he or she might be hungry, is wet, or they may have difficulty falling asleep and waking up early in the morning.  While sleeping, a child may wake up because of nightmares and this can happen several times a night.  This type of disorder is called, night terrors; which causes great agitation.  Hence, a child may wake up with fears and cries which in turns, manifests into fear.  Other children may also experience sleep walking disorder.  A child may be asleep but his or her motions are still able to function without their knowledge.  They may walk around the house and talk without knowing that they are doing it.  By the morning, when they have woken up, they will have no recollection in their memories that they had done it.  Unless told by parents, siblings, or friends children of this sleeping disorder will never find out that they might be sleep walking.

What are the causes?

The causes of sleep disorders are varied and not always easy to find. Firstly, it is of course always ensure that these problems are not related to a disease. Teething or colicky infant, an ear infection or nasopharyngitis young children are usually easily recognized. Sometimes chronic diseases may be involved and should then consult a doctor to find eg gastroesophageal reflux (these are painful lift of acid from the stomach into the esophagus), an airway obstruction related to enlarged tonsils or even asthma, otitis with effusion (or chronic otitis). But more often, sleep disorders in children are an expression of relationship problems with his parents. Thus, nightmares or night terrors can express inner conflicts and family problems be indicative of the child sleepwalking renvoie.Les children are often anxious, subjected to psychological stress journée.Chez important in older children, these sleep disorders can also be associated with learning difficulties or behavioral abnormalities. Adolescents, insomnia can be enhanced by emotional problems or by some toxic substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs).

What should I do about sleep disorders in children?

First, note that in the vast majority of cases, no review is necessary. Sleep recordings are performed in complex cases. In addition, most sleep disorders of children and spontaneously arrange themselves more quickly parents respond in an appropriate way. A healthy lifestyle is the prime factor for success. It is indeed important that parents ensure that the child goes to bed at a fixed time in a calm, after a light dinner. Read her a story, leave a night light in his room can help to fall asleep. Napping also helps develop sleep at night until the age of 4 environ.Si the child wakes up during the night, it is important to reassure and to lie down. If it is a nightmare, listen to your child and comfort him. He did go back to sleep once reassured. You possibly can talk the next day with him so he could externalize their fears and maybe you give reason. Tell him also that there is nothing to worry about having nightmares and they are necessary steps in its evolution. Night terrors are some signs that the child does not sleep enough, for example when stopped napping. Then it should be bed earlier in the evening, or, if possible, let him sleep a little longer the matin.S it is a teenager, dialogue is essential to try to incorporate a healthier lifestyle and possibly to raise awareness of the harmfulness of certain substances ...

What does it not do about sleep disorders in children?

• Apart from a specific disease diagnosed by a physician and, know that no medicine can cure a sleep disorder.
• Do not wake up completely a crying child (night terror) or who gets up at night (sleepwalking), it would only add to the confusion.
• The sleep earlier must be respected. Skipping a bottle or breastfeeding is not a problem. Conversely, do not hesitate to feed him if he wakes up because he is hungry.
• If the nap is important in small children, do not be too long or too late in the afternoon because it may then disrupt sleep at night.
• Do not think that if you put your child later, he will sleep better. Instead, he missed sleep and may wake up in the morning. - At night, avoid games where the child is agitated and angry (like fight or tickle!).
• Do not give your child a bad habit of falling asleep in your arms or in your bed. Inevitably, he wakes up in the night and will then realize that he is alone in his room, where tears ...


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