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KJI768GKGHMany people often feel tired and exhausted. Often put too little sleep behind the complaints. But if you're always tired, can also be a disease causing fatigue. Thus, for example fatigue caused by iron or vitamin deficiency. But even more serious illnesses such as cancer or depression may be the culprits. We have compiled for you the most common causes that can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue.

Always tired -What is fatigue?

Acute fatigue is a protective mechanism to protect us from overwork. During sleep our body regenerates and may gather new strength. If too little sleep is the cause of fatigue, a quantitative or qualitative lack of sleep behind fatigue: Either one is asleep or too little sleep quality is low and therefore not enough sleep.
Is removed from the body permanently sleep, leading to chronic fatigue. This can be demonstrated, among other things, impaired concentration, increased sensitivity to pain and burning eyes. Chronic fatigue can also be a sign of illness.

Always tired - as the cause of diseases

Fatigue can occur as a symptom of various diseases. Therefore, they should always be considered in context with other symptoms. Among the disease-related causes of fatigue, for example, are as follows:
Iron deficiency (anemia)
Sleep apnea
Infectious diseases
Metabolic diseases
Psychological causes
In addition, however, provide many more reasons that you are always tired. An important indication of whether it is a natural, healthy fatigue or illness caused by fatigue, is to be: Take your fatigue is perceived as pleasant or unpleasant you your fatigue?

Always Tired - It helps!

Maybe if you're always tired, you should think about what caused your fatigue. Next, you should check to see if you can beat your fatigue with a few simple tips:
Find out if lack of sleep or stress at work can be the cause of your fatigue. Test to see if your fatigue disappears, for example, after a short nap.
Make sure you have adequate fluid intake (at least 1.5 liters per day). Eating a balanced diet and vitamins.
Try it, if your fatigue may lead to a cold shower in the morning.
Be physically active! Movement brings traffic to and can sell your fatigue.
If your symptoms are not always better, you should consult a physician have to identify the cause of your fatigue. Especially if other symptoms appear, may be behind fatigue and illness.

Always Tired - Causes psychological

Fatigue can cause not only physical but also psychological. This is especially the case when fatigue with depressed mood and fatigue is associated. The cause of fatigue may then be in a depression.
People who suffer from depression often find it difficult to fall asleep at night. They also are not usually sleep through the night but wake up frequently. Typical is that you can not recover despite adequate sleep and fresh, but still feel tired and exhausted. If you're always tired, apathetic and feel empty, "you should think, to seek psychological help.

Always tired - as the cause of anemia

If you're always tired, can be the cause of the anemia. Anemia, for example, caused by defective hematopoiesis  in the bone marrow or increased degradation or loss of red blood cells. In addition, however, may also be deficient in vitamin B12, folic acid or iron and poverty of blood.

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia: More than ¾ of all anemia is caused by iron deficiency. Iron is essential for the formation of blood because iron is a component of hemoglobin that binds oxygen in the blood. As our blood carries oxygen throughout our body, is a lack of iron in the cell is less oxygen available. If the brain is supplied with sufficient oxygen, you're tired.
Iron is mainly in foods such as meat stock, eggs and milk. But also in whole grains and legumes to significant amounts of iron. If the iron enough vitamin C is present in the body, the body can not absorb iron very well by the way.

Sleep apnea as a cause - Always tired

The term sleep apnea is shorter pause in breathing during sleep skin. These are caused by a strong relaxation of the muscles of the pharynx. Thus, it may happen that the upper part of the trachea coincide and thus airflow is limited. These pauses in breathing can last in extreme cases up to a minute, then hit the alarm body and you wake up - usually out of breath - the. Often it also happens that you can not wake up, but only certain body functions can be initiated.
With respiratory arrest, the body and the brain in particular are not supplied with enough oxygen. To one in the morning can often not remember - In addition to sleep through the night awakening is not relaxing. During the day, it can cause constant fatigue or even a negative sign.
Typical symptoms of sleep apnea include headaches and dizziness when standing up, dry mouth and night sweats. Night, sleep apnea also expressed by snoring which is interrupted by pauses in breathing. Often, these breathing pauses or end with a sigh or a very loud snoring.
The probability of sleep apnea is increased by obesity, alcohol consumption, and a neck muscles untrained. This can, for example playing a wind instrument box.

Always tired - vitamin deficiency as a cause

If you're always tired, you should think about whether you eat enough balanced. Because vitamin A deficiency can cause the body feels weak and tired.
If you think that could be due to a vitamin deficiency your fatigue, you should consult your doctor. Check with him that he might be the victim of a vitamin deficiency. If this were the case, your doctor may prescribe appropriate vitamin supplements.

Always tired - Infectious diseases as a cause

Under an infectious disease is a disease that is caused by pathogens must be heard. The group of infectious diseases, for example, influenza, pneumonia or glandular fever, but also malaria and AIDS.
Since the body is weakened by an infection in his sleep and it is most suitable to regenerate, it is often tired during the disease. This feeling of tiredness and fatigue can be easily observed during flu. But while the flu is generally disappear after about a week, other infectious diseases to be long: Symptoms can take months or even years to develop slowly. Some infectious diseases such as glandular fever is often not diagnosed for a long time, because there is no typical symptoms.
An infectious disease that is repeatedly raised in the context of constant fatigue, sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis). When this transmission by the tsetse fly disease occur in the second stage of disorders severe disease of sleep-wake cycle. In the vernacular, often called sleeping sickness narcolepsy. It is a neurological disorder in which there is always during the day to sleep attacks. Since the attack of sleep usually occur very suddenly and are accompanied by a loss of muscle tone, it is common to falls of people affected.

Always tired - metabolic diseases as a cause

Metabolic diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism may also be the source of constant fatigue. Thus, the feeling of being tired all the time, associated with poor glycemic control.
Similarly, hypothyroidism make sure you are constantly tired. In hypothyroidism produces too few hormones in the thyroid. This can lead to symptoms such as brittle hair, brittle nails, loss of appetite, increased susceptibility to infections, impaired concentration, weight gain and fatigue.

Always tired - as a cause of cancer

Is constant fatigue for no other reason, should be taken into account that fatigue behind cancer could be stuck. Because most cancers are related to fatigue. When cancer occurs most often on the feeling of fatigue to other sensations, such as weakness, fatigue and weakness. This particular form of fatigue is also called "fatigue", which means in French weakness or fatigue.
Often feel constantly tired of being is not only due to the disease itself, but also on the methods of treatment such as chemotherapy. To fight against fatigue, and not stay always tired, we recommend a sleep schedule fixed and moderate physical activity.
Indistinguishable from "fatigue" during and after the chronic fatigue syndrome cancer (chronic fatigue syndrome) is. Including a state of exhaustion should be understood that lasts longer than six months. In addition to fatigue may occur in chronic fatigue syndrome such as headache, sore throat and muscle aches, stomach problems and concentration problems.
Cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is triggered is not yet clear. Other constraints such as acute infection, but also mental stress seem to play a role.

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