The chronic insomnia

KNUHG76To sleep every night is a nightmare? Perhaps you suffer from chronic insomnia. Light on a problem that affects the health and quality of life of 10% of Quebecers.

Insomnia affects one in four , and one in ten are chronic insomnia in Quebec, or 700,000 people, mostly women. The problem threatens the quality of life of people who suffer, but can also have serious consequences on their health. Insomnia is on the list of health problems most frequently reported to doctors,
according to psychologist Charles M. Morin, director of the Centre for Sleep Disorders at Laval University.

Charles Morin believes that insomnia should be considered a public health problem because of the large number of people affected and its negative impact on the collective and social. People with chronic insomnia miss an average of 14-20 hours per three-month period, according to a study published researcher in the journal Sleep in 2009. Insomnia cost Quebec $ 6.6 billion per year in direct and indirect costs (lost productivity, absenteeism, health care, etc.)..

"We underestimated insomnia in our society. However, sleep is half health, says Jacques Clairoux, director of Sleep Foundation. If we were more aware of sleep disorders, this would avoid many depressions and other problems. "

Diagnose chronic insomnia

Everyone saw a sleeping problem at one time or another in his life, whether due to overwork, illness or separation. The problem is when trouble falling asleep persists.

A person who wakes up at night should count sheep for about 30 minutes before falling asleep again. The chronic insomniac, he just fell asleep, sleeping three or four hours, then wakes up without being able to close the eye again. "If we experience problems falling asleep or maintaining sleep three or more times per week and for more than a month, we can speak of chronic insomnia," says Clairoux. A condition that often lasts several months or even several years.

However, it must make a difference between "insomnia" and "sleep deprivation". Short sleepers have a very busy schedule for a given period will have no problem sleeping when they can get, unlike insomniacs. In addition, although seven to eight hours are needed for an adult on average six hours to suit others, so you fight chronic insomnia. 


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