The anxiety in children

Anxiety in children can affect in their daily lives. It can manifest itself in various ways. The question that usually arises among parents is "how to recognize signs of anxiety in children and how to overcome them? ". Research has established some important points to answer.

The causes of anxiety in children

Anxiety in children is a feeling that can be considered normal. When he is a little
bigger, having to be separated from the people that he holds, like leaving home to go to school or change master, among others. This can cause disruptions in his daily life, in social life and in school life. He will be a constant feeling of anxiety, without being able to identify his causes. This can cause seizures that occur physically by colic, tremors, stomach pain, irritability and many others. Learning the concept of responsibility and autonomy leads to fear, without any certainty as to the exact origin. The more time passes, the fear of failure causes a feeling of anxiety, which can be a source of anxiety in children.

Manifestations of anxiety in children

Anxiety in children can be caused by a period or experience difficulties, he lives without being able to overcome them. The feeling of anxiety is contagious. If it senses signs of anxiety with his parents or one of them, surely he will react. If this condition is not diagnosed and treated, it could have serious consequences on his everyday life. This may cause him withdrawal or depression. There are some methods to prevent and treat anxiety in children.

Anxiety in children: how to help overcome?

Consultation with a specialist in psychiatry or psychology can help reduce the physical manifestations of anxiety in children. For this, the practitioner uses a method of relaxation, confidence building, in order to make up a child's self-esteem. It is necessary to recognize symptoms quickly in order to solve the problem at the base and get better results. He also needs to feel the support from his family in order to overcome his fears and forget doubts. A child who grows up is usually in search of his personality, he needs help and encouragement to assert himself. It is advisable to encourage communication. Discussing his concerns, without attempting to systematically provide answers, it’s an important point for anxiety in children. He needs to reassure him and make him understand that his concerns are not based.

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