Tips to get better sleep

Here are several tips to get better sleep

- Do not watch TV or a computer screen just before bedtime.
- Do not have too many thoughts or ideas before going to bed, write down any      important things to do, for example, to clear the mind.
- A bath or shower can help to get better sleep.
- Playing sports in the morning, it helps to get better sleep evening.
- To fall asleep easily, body temperature is lowered slightly, and brain first.
Remember to refresh the mind rather than the body. The ideal temperature of a room is 19-20'C, when wearing light clothing and that it fits into a bed, covered without excess (or single duvet cover). We also know that to put socks in winter helps to promote heat exchange.
- Read a book
- Do not do stressful activity
- Drink a tea of chamomile or lemon verbena
- Read a book
- Make different relaxation exercises to relax.
- Eat light at night, try not to ruminate worries, relax and think about the things that make us happy, not easy when you have to stress but its possible.
- Before going to bed do not make too harsh or tiring activities such as cleaning, for example.

Here are the tricks Stephanie to get better sleep at night

- Eat an apple before 2hours, it often works for me.
- Drink a cup of warm milk (it allows me to get a good night)
- Do not go hungry or thirsty before bedtime
So those tips will help you to have a better sleep every night.


Thanks for sharing such a good information. Some days back i have problems in sleep. I read many articles and now my problem is resolved. Sharing my own experience for better sleep


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