What the causes if you cannot sleep

According to a study, the adults who cannot sleep eight hours per day, that our body needs, they may die earlier. 

A group of researchers found that those who started sleeping less every night during the first part of the study were more likely to die of heart disease than those who remained seven or eight hours of sleep daily.

On the other hand, people with sleep model are extended more than eight hours had a higher risk of dying from non-cardiovascular causes.

The study, published in the medical journal Sleep did not specify the reason for these results. However, previous studies suggest that chronic sleep deprivation can be difficult for the cardiovascular system.

The body is recovered during sleep, when blood pressure and heart rate, the daily effort of the heart, said Dr. Jane E. Ferrie, from the University College of London, the head of the new study.

Therefore, it is also very important to have a proper mattress to encourage a break as well as a base or support, such as a mattress or sofa appropriate because it would make the whole body relax and recover more easily.

In addition, according to Reuters, some studies have linked sleep deprivation with reductions in appetite control and the regulation of glucose levels, which can affect the body weight and the risk of diabetes type 2.

Some diseases, such a disorder that causes chronic pain, sleep can reduce a person: said Ferrie.

The study participants were posed at the beginning of their medical history, but some may have health problems underlying that have been neglected, as Ferrie.

Similarly, it is not clear why people who slept more had a higher risk of dying from non-cardiovascular causes. Some medical conditions such as cancer or depression can cause fatigue.

But the researchers did not have enough information to say what the specific causes of deaths were associated with increased sleep duration for the people who cannot sleep.

However, according Ferrie, people naturally sleep more or less "ideal" no increased risk to health.

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