The insomnia treatment

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It is always useful to consider early treatment against insomnia. Following its severity and cause, it must be specific measures on the part of the person affected by the disease. It should be noted that today, sleep disorders are not more than a particular age, they affect the most people, young or old, men or women and even children can suffer insomnia. More than 70% of the French declared today insomniacs. Adopt any insomnia treatment?

The insomnia treatment: spot

It has always been in the habit of calling people to drugs as a treatment against insomnia. It is therefore necessary to emphasize that according to the cause of insomnia, it must be dealt with separately. There are occasional insomnia, that is to say that occasionally occur during a trip with jet lag, a change in lifestyle, or a change in the environment of the person concerned. The use of drugs should only intervene in these cases, as a last resort. We must first treat the cause of insomnia itself. Among the behaviors to avoid: taking an exciting such as coffee or alcohol, for example, before sleep, dinner too heavy, a sport after 17h, or a change in sleep pattern. By cons, relaxing activities are encouraged in the evening, such as listening to music or reading, taking a hot bath, ventilate the room that will be exclusively dedicated to sleep and not to other activities such as work or a meal. Relaxation sessions are also beneficial, such as autogenic training Schulz and biofeedback. Another treatment of insomnia appeared recently: the chrono-biological approach. It is used to generate the body to sleep by going to bed only once that was really sleepy, or setting bedtime. The treatment against the punctual insomnia is more psychological and behavioral than medical.

The insomnia treatment: chronic insomnia

Treatment against chronic insomnia is to say that related to more specific reasons such as restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, depression, or psychiatric causes - is against a different. Here, drug treatments are allowed. Among them, there are benzodiazepines, hypnotics and antidepressants. Depending on the severity of insomnia, doses to take these drugs should only result in a consultation with the doctor. It should also be noted that barbiturates are no longer recommended as a treatment against insomnia


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