The early signs of mental disorders

What are the early signs of mental disorders

A mental or behavioral disorder characterized by a disturbance of thinking, of mood or behavior that no longer fits within the norms or cultural beliefs. In most cases, symptoms are accompanied by distress and interference with personal functions.

Mental disorders cause symptoms which realize those affected or their relatives. We observe:

  •  Physical symptoms (headache, sleep disorders.)
  •  Emotional symptoms (sadness, fear, anxiety)
  •  Cognitive symptoms (difficulty to think normally, abnormal beliefs, memory disorders.)
  •  Behavioral symptoms (aggressive behavior, inability to perform activities of daily living, substance abuse.)
  •  Disorders of perception (visual or auditory perception of things that others do not hear or.)

Early signs vary depending on a specific disorder. People with one or more of the symptoms listed above should go consult a professional if they continue to cause severe suffering or interfere with the tasks of daily life.

Depression, addiction, schizophrenia, mental retardation, autism in children, and dementia are examples of mental disorders. They can occur in men or women of any age and any ethnicity. Although not fully understood currently, many mental disorders are thought to be influenced by a combination of biological, psychological, and social stress.  It can also be caused by difficult family background, brain diseases, heredity, and genetic and or medical problems.  In most cases though, we are still able to diagnose and treat each disorder effectively.


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