Treat sleep disorders with homeopathy

At this moment, you can not get to sleep because of concerns and stress that make you too nervous. The homeopathy can be an extremely beneficial alternative for treating this disorder and avoid resorting to sleeping pills that can be addictive.
A sleep request to follow some basic rules: keep your sleep rhythm, reduce stimulants such as coffee and tea, don’t do sport before going to bed and take a
light dinner. But if despite your perfect lifestyle, you cannot have a good night, homeopathy can help.

Prescription "good night" with homeopathy

When you have trouble getting to sleep or insomnia prevent you from doing full nights, take systematically:
- 20 drops or 5 granules at bedtime to renew at night if necessary Passiflora compound.
- 2 tablets morning and evening of magnesium
These both medicines have anti-stress and help to better rest mind and then body.

Add to this basic salary:
- In case of stress: 2 tablets 3 times per day of Sedative PC. This specialty homeopathic is used to calm irritability and nervousness.

- If the stressful event is punctual: Take 1 tablet morning and evening Zenalia. This particular medicine containing Gelsemium sempervirens 9 CH and Ignatia amara 9 CH is recommended in the homeopathic treatment of nervousness and apprehension.

- If the problem is more latent and you never get to clear your head of your worries: Take 5 pellets to sunset Coffea cruda 9 Ch and renew if necessary taken during the night. It may sound ironic, but this drug is promoting sleep yet formulated with green coffee unroasted!

NOTE: don't try the prescription without your doctor's admission


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These are indeed great insights on the treatment of sleeping disorders. I really appreciate such effort in sharing all these helpful thoughts. Sleeping disorders should be treated at once since these can cause a great effect on one's daily activities and can possibly cause life's devastation in serious cases. Thanks for sharing all these thoughts.


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