Good health tips

Stop smoking

Whenever possible, try to quit now or at least significantly reduce your intake of cigarettes daily.

Reduce coffee

From five cups per day, the consumption of coffee has the same effect as that of tobacco.

Remove all alcoholic drinks

Alcohol seriously disrupts cellular metabolism, especially the liver is not able to degrade.

Alcohol is responsible for malnutrition of developmental delays and in particular heart attack.

Refrain therefore totally alcohol. Several organizations are helping alcoholics: associations of former drinkers and food hygiene centers and alcoholism.

The drug problem

No drug is harmless, everyone knows. Whether a drug called hard or soft, they have the same effects.

Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, morphine and amphetamines they have dramatic consequences.

You always have a chance to get rid of the influence of drugs through your will and become yourself.

The basics of good nutrition

In practice, call your meals according to your habits, your tastes and your budget. Vary your menu and make alternate different types of meat and fish that you eat grilled or boiled. Remember, eggs, dairy products and cheeses. We must learn to chew the time it takes to digest.

Make sure you eat at each meal greens salad that contains several vitamins and minerals and cellulose fibers essential for proper digestion.

You should drink enough water, 1 liter and a half to 2 liters per day.

Play a sport

A sport you are accustomed to, practice moderation and increase the pace with the times. In respect of every opportunity and do not force stop when fatigue is felt.

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