How to get a good night sleep

Why can’t get a good night sleep

1 of 4 people complained of insomnia. But do not sleep at all is exceptional!

Occasional insomnia, which disappears spontaneously when solving the problem may be due to:

- The worries of everyday life

- The pain of a disease

The large insomnia may arise:

- A depression

- An obsession that should be dealt

False insomnia, by far the most common:

- The electroencephalogram, sleep is almost normal, but the sleeper complains of a little refreshing sleep, short and frequent awakenings.

Fear not get a good night sleep is as important as the disorder itself.

Therefore dramatize and try to better manage his sleep.

The sleep during the day and too long naps make you tired and depressed.

Here are some tips to get a good night sleep:

- Know your needs (sleep time, schedule...) and try to keep your rhythm.

- Hold hours of sleep as regular as possible particularly t wake up.

- Be alert for signs of sleep: yawn, heavy eyelids, stretching, eyes tingle. Do not resist fatigue, go to bed. If you miss your sleep cycle, you should wait for the next.

- Avoid stimulants in the evening with coffee, tea, vitamin C, sodas with caffeine, cigarettes ...

- Avoid overeating at night and alcohol at dinner.

- Get active but not before bedtime. Please allow approximately 2 hours between strenuous physical activity and time of sleep.

- Take a nap less than 20 minutes for an immediate need for recovery and a long nap 1:30 in anticipation of a night's work.

- Avoid Computer and TV shows during your time of rest.

- For meals before the sleep phase, prefer slow digesting foods (starches) in quantities small.

- For meals during the Standby Phase, choose foods fast digesting and menus "tonics" (vegetables, salads).

-The best way to get a good night sleep or nap is to regulate the amount of brightness someone has in their room.  Furthermore, a person should sleep in a quiet room where he or she will not be disturbed.  When napping during the day, a person should not completely darken the room, for it causes that person to sleep longer.  Establish and follow a regular schedule for your sunrises and sunsets. Take naps at regular times. This planning will help create a habit of favorable long-term recovery.


Lack of sleep can bring much more health issues to human. Peaceful night sleep is very essential for human health for the proper functioning of the body. Sleeplessness affects the brain health.


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