The fatal insomnia

KJBIU87G8VWhat is the fatal insomnia 

The familial fatal insomnia is a neurological condition. This type of insomnia is very rare. It is a hereditary disease. The disease usually begins around age 40 or 50 years.

When the disease occurs without genetic transmission, it is called "sporadic fatal insomnia."

The main fatal insomnia symptoms are pulse and high pressure, sweating and impaired motor function. The symptoms worsen in a few months.

The first stage of the fatal insomnia, is a period around four months, including panic attacks and phobias.

In the second stage of the fatal insomnia, lasting about five months occurs from lack of sleep and hallucinations.

In the third stage of the fatal insomnia, for three months, there is a loss of weight, loss of intellectual performance and total insomnia.

In the fourth stage of the fatal insomnia, which lasts about six months, there is a state of dementia. The patient may slip into a coma. He died after a few months, sometimes years.

There is no treatment to cure familial fatal insomnia.

There would be thirty families carrying this disease in the world.

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