what is anxiety

What is anxiety exactly

It is the sense of imminent danger, accompanied by physical and mental discomfort. Ball in the throat, weight on stomach, feeling of constriction in the chest??

What is anxiety : types

Anxiety is natural and inevitable in humans. Indeed, it has a function, to prevent a real danger and allow us to deal with it effectively. This is the famous adrenaline rush that speeds up the heart and allows a quick start to escape danger precise as physical assault, or to overcome a challenge.

The anxiety can be a stimulant. The problem is that most of the threats we face in the modern world are not as obvious as concrete. They are vaguer, less tangible, and it is much more difficult to cope easily. When the danger is a fear of not being up to par, a fear that mocks you, fear not to like?? The appropriate response is not easy to find. Because the leak is not the obvious solution! So, anxiety, instead of into muscle action, accumulates without externalize. Then it may eventually invade us, we overflow.

What is anxiety : feelings

We experience a fear of anticipation (it will happen something bad), we feel energized permanently paralyzed?? The most common signs are tremor, sweating, sleep disturbances, undue fatigue, dizziness, which accelerates heart, difficulty concentrating, breathing, irritability, dry mouth, etc..

Anxiety is a natural adaptation, overtaken by events?? And the best solution is the action, because it is the natural way to remove and change. So when you feel invaded, the first question you ask and what is "what can I do to feel better?

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