What is depression

When emotions such as apathy or despair will not disappear, depression may be the cause of these evils. More than the blues temporary nervous depression prevents appreciate everyday life. With psychological and medical treatment and assistance, you can get to feeling better. But first, you must understand what it is depression. Learn to identify the signs and symptoms of depression is the first step to solve the problem.

What is depression?

We all know the ups and downs in our life. Sadness is a normal reaction that you may encounter in life. We get sad for a short period and then the disappointment eventually go away and life starts again. But when sadness persists, it interferes with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep or play, this is not a normal situation. This is depression, so what is depression difference ?

What is depression difference between the sexes and generations

The effects of depression vary depending on the age and sex of each. For example, it is not much probably that a young woman has the same symptoms of depression than elderly man.

What is depression in teenagers

The depression in adolescents can take different aspects of depression in adults. Irritability (rather than depression) is usually a predominant feeling adolescent. A depressed teenager can easily lose his temper and shows aggressive. Unexplained headaches are often symptoms of depression to them.

What is depression in the elderly

The difficult changes that the elderly face - loss of independence, health problems - can lead to depression, especially among those who are particularly isolated. However, depression is not expected to affect the elderly. They are more likely to complain of health problems than Emotional problems, this is why depression is often not recognized at home. It is usually associated with difficult health, a high probability of mortality and risk of suicide; it is the reason for its early diagnosis of the disease is extremely important.

What is depression in women

The number of people affected by depression is twice as high in women than in men. This is partly due to hormonal factors (especially during the monthly period). The symptoms are generally recognized: a sense of guilt, a need for excessive sleep and weight gain.

What is depression in men

People with depression in men are less likely to suffer from feelings of worthlessness than women. However, they are more likely to complain of fatigue, to demonstrate irritability and loss of interest in their work or hobby. Other symptoms of depression in men are aggressive and violent behavior. Men are also trying to cope with their depression by drowning in work which is of course not a solution.

What is depression the cause and the risk factors

What is depression cause is not the question because there is no single cause for depression. Life experiences, lifestyles, personality traits, all of which may play a role in the onset of depression. Something that creates depression in an individual may have no effect in another.
However, we can identify risk factors that may make people more vulnerable. For example, people who live alone and have few friends to turn to in times of stress are likely to be more conducive to developing depression.

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