How to sleep better

The human body can sleep almost in any position imaginable. Just look around your traveling companions during a long flight to see the amazing variety of postures of sleep!

But you can change the feel of your sleeping posture to be conducive to a deeper sleep and optimize flow easier to breathe through the nose. If your nose is congested, breathing from mouth and snoring are likely to ensue.

Yoga, with an emphasis on body alignment, and use accessories to achieve this alignment, helped me to learn how to establish a new perfect sleeping posture that  helped me sleep more soundly ( and silently) through the night.

Three sleeping positions to avoid:

Flat Back Sleepers: The rigid support members in this "like a corpse" as often leads to complaints of low back pain. When the body be fixed for hours with your knees and hips "locked open" the weight of the legs can actually pull the bones of the lower back and muscles out of alignment and putting too much pressure on the lower back vertebrae and discs.

Belly Sleepers: To sleep down your face must turn to one side or the other to breathe. This couple places on the neck, and a lot of pressure on the delicate nerves from the skull upper spine. Belly sleepers can often wake up in a lot of saliva and spastic neck muscles.

Sleep on the side: This is the best choice of the three for the back muscles and bones, but even here, the body weight fall towards the shoulders and neck can be very painful and cause muscle spasms in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

How to sleep better On Your Side

You can create a brand new posture sustained sleep better on your side by changing the sleeping position to side with a few simple household items, and thus prevent the compression of the neck and ensure the ideal symmetry throughout the night for all joints of the body. Wrap a towel (or use a cylindrical pillow buckwheat hull) so that it is about a foot long and 8 or 9 inches in diameter and place it in front of your favorite pillow. This helps keep the bones of the neck of the collapse and bending to the side, giving them the support and maintenance of the long neck all night.

Place two pillows on each side for your arms to embrace as a "hug pillow." This will make you sleep better and it will keep the shoulder joints spacious overnight and prevent the weight of the arm bone to compress the nerves brachial valuable flow under the clavicles.

Place a light blanket or towel between your knees and try to keep it in place throughout the night as you throw side to side. This will keep the hips apart enough to prevent the lower back or hip bone to slip out of alignment. It also prevents bone bruise between his knees.

It may seem like a lot of extra "stuff" in his bed, and you may have to practice for a few weeks until your body adapts to the holding of the hug pillow and blanket hanging your knee, but sleep you will experience is worth the inconvenience of a crowded bed.


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