Interrupted sleep

The diagnosis of interrupted sleep

 These frequent urination can affect anyone, but they become problematic when they occur every night and then we should try to sleep.

The doctor's advice about interrupted sleep

The child or young adult, frequent urination which is accompanied by excessive thirst can sometimes be a type 1 of diabetes (insulin-dependent). The doctor will prescribe a blood balance sheet and urine.

In women, these frequent urination needs, of day as of night, may be due to bladder incontinence. This requires a few sessions of perineal rehabilitation from a physiotherapist.

After fifty, these needs are often associated with disorders of the prostate, kidney, or a syndrome of sleep apnea.

The trick about interrupted sleep

 Some people drink heavily at dinner and throughout the evening (soup, water, tea), so that their bladder is full, after some time Just less hydrated spent some time.


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