Why can't sleep

What makes you can't sleep at night 

Do you know that most of your busiest thoughts happens when you head hits the pillow? It is not surprising that you can get a lot of thinking done because finally, you have a moment to yourself.  With no interruption, you are able to concentrate and have your thoughts to yourself.

Hence, causes the problem of not being able to sleep.  As someone is lying in bed, their mind goes into a series of thought processing that involves: problem solving, concerns in ones like, and intense mental processing.  Thus, causing a person to “think” him or herself awake throughout the night. 

 This intense thought process can be caused by constant activity throughout the day.  Although a person might be physically tired and their body needs the sleep and rest; their minds can still go another few rounds. 

So, what can cause this problem of the brain’s inability to rest?  Due to recent studies, it has shown that the major cause is stress in one’s life.  The more stress a person has, the more a person’s mind is active; hence, making them not being able to sleep properly.  Furthermore, when a person does finally fall into a restless sleep, their dreams becomes warriors trying to fight a battle.  Making the person even more tired due to the activity that the brain puts itself through during sleep.  

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