Types of insomnia

VBFRSHE79The insomnia can be classified into 8 types of insomnia. We treat here the case of insomnia unrelated to pathological causes which do not necessarily require pharmacological treatments.

Types of insomnia: Adjustment

The first type of insomnia is when you cannot fall asleep. You are on the bed, but sleep does not come. After hours to think, you might get to sleep. But you feel a huge lack of sleep in the morning.

This type of insomnia lasts no longer than three months usually. It is usually caused by the stressor and stops when the stressor is no longer present.

Types of insomnia: Psychophysiological

This insomnia looks like adjustment insomnia. But mental activity is constant and does not depend on a cause or a stressor. It is inherent in the people who do the balance of the day in bed, for example. Sleep quality is often better outside the home. This insomnia can last for years if it is not treated.

Types of insomnia: poor sleep hygiene

This type of insomnia is most commonly linked to poor hygiene of life: variables bedtimes, naps all day long, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine. It can also be caused by intense mental activities close to bedtime or association of the bed with all kinds of activity without great relationship with sleep.

Types of insomnia: Paradoxical

This type of insomnia is less common. You felt awake all night, but when you wake up, you feel so tired that you feel that you stayed awake all night. In most cases, the cause of insomnia is sleep apnea. It can also occur in pregnant women. This type of insomnia also occurs when you wake up during the night. Normally, the return to sleep should be rapid, almost instantaneous, but in the case of insomnia, you cannot go back to sleep.

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